Five Free to Play 3D Online First Person Shooter Games

First Person Shooter games are some of the most popular titles available today - most online gamers simply love this type of game and enjoy nothing more than unleashing devastation on other players online using a variety of high tech weaponry. FPS games are action-packed, fast-paced, and violent and require great teamwork with your friends and fellow online players. Furthermore, most FPS games feature amazing 3D graphics and allow you to fight in some amazing locations.

In years past, FPS games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare and the original Battlefront would require a CD to play through your PC or games console. Today there has been a shift towards digital downloads and browser gaming. Many FPS games can be played through a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome using the epic WebGL technology.

This has drastically changed the genre and we have seen a plethora of awesome 3D FPS games released solely for browser gaming. The following is a list of 5 top FPS games you can play immediately through your browser - no installation, no cd, simply click on the link, join a game and start fighting!

1. Bullet Force

Bullet Force is one of the premier browser FPS titles. This game is unbelievably cool and has an abundance of features and game modes. With similar gameplay to the popular CoD series, you can play through an interesting campaign, AI skirmishes and also multiplayer matches. Aside from the game type, you can also customize your weapon loads - choose from a range of weapons and look at their vital statistics to pick a weapon that suits your playstyle.


This first-person shooter io game combines survival and FPS to create an interesting and challenging browser title. Immerse yourself in a Minecraft style world and use a variety of tools and weapons at your disposal to survive. You are not alone in this world however and you must fight (or work with) hundreds of other players online too! Don't forget the daytime cycle too - when night falls the gameplay becomes extremely tense!

3. Hide Online

If you have ever played hide and seek, you will love Hide Online - this unique game brings together elements of the children's game together with FPS mechanics. Take turns as the hunters or the props. When hunting, you must search for your hidden enemies and destroy them. When hiding, you must disguise yourself as an inanimate object and try to avoid detection! This game is a huge amount of fun and puts a totally new spin on the FPS genre.

4. Crazy Pixel Apocalypse

Our love affair with the pixelated world continues with the awesome Crazy Pixel Apocalypse series. The original title presents three game modes - deathmatch (free for all), team deathmatch (fight with allies), and Zombie. The first two are superb multiplayer games in which you must fight in the pixelated world against other players. Zombie mode, however, adds crazy pixel zombies into the fray that you must eliminate at all costs!

5. Masked Forces: Zombie Survival

The Masked Forces series is one of the most well-known browser FPS games on the market today. Zombie Survival is one of the spin-off titles to the main game and allows you to work with or against other players to try and survive against waves of deadly zombies. Move around the map with your teammates, collect new weapons and eliminate all zombies in sight. If you don't want to work with a team, you can always try out the FFA mode and unleash carnage on everyone; zombie or human!

There you have it - 5 fantastic FPS browser titles waiting to be played! If you want to have a blast and enjoy some fast-paced no-fuss FPS action, why not give them a try today and let us know what you think?